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Our goal at All Star Children Services Inc. is to support children’s social and emotional growth. This is at the forefront of our work. Our caring, trained and nurturing Educators promote children’s social and emotional development, knowing that these are key skills for success later in life.

Our understanding of children has evolved over time and is influenced by ongoing research, experience, and collaboration with families and community partners. The ability to adapt and change has allowed All Star Children Services Inc. to be responsive and flexible with program opportunities for children and families.

EarlyON Child and Family Centres are intended to support all children, parents and caregivers in learning, growing and connecting together. By having access to a range of high-quality, inclusive early years’ programs and services everyone benefits.

The transformation is built upon the following guiding principles:
  • Child and Family Centred: All programs and services are designed and delivered to meet the unique needs of parents, caregivers and young children to support their developmental health and general well-being.
  • Welcoming: Provide a warm and welcoming environment based on foundational conditions for supporting growth and long-term success (belonging, well-being, engagement and expression).
  • High Quality: Programs and services are designed to foster positive outcomes and support nurturing relationships for children, parents and caregivers based on the latest evidence and research.
  • Inclusive: Programs and services are accessible and responsive to children, parents and caregivers with their varying abilities and diverse cultural, linguistic, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

Three mandatory core services will be developed and delivered in a manner that meets the needs of our community.

Mandatory Core Services:
Engaging parents and caregivers
  • Information sharing and conversations about child development, parenting, nutrition, play and inquiry-based learning, and other topics that support the role of parents and caregivers.
  • Pre and postnatal support programs to enhance parents and caregivers well-being that enrich adult-child interactions with children present.
  • Targeted outreach opportunities for parents and caregivers not currently using Child and Family Centre Services (i.e: newcomers to Ontario, teen parents, low-income families, etc.)
Supporting early learning and development
  • Build responsive adult-child relationships and encourage children’s exploration by offering drop-in programs and other services that are supported by “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”.
Making connections for families
  • Offering support to parents and caregivers by responding to concerns about their child’s development. Connecting them to additional support for primary care or to other regulated health professionals.
  • Sharing information and facilitating connections with specialized community services such as Algoma Public Health, Thrive, education, child care and child welfare, as appropriate.
  • Providing information about programs and services available for the whole family beyond the early years.

The EarlyON Child and Family Centre provide an environment that views parents and caregivers as co-learners and leaders in influencing positive child, family and community experiences and outcomes. They will be guided by “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years” (HDLH), reflecting the view of children, parents, caregivers and educators as competent, capable, curious and rich in potential and experience.